Residential Railings

railings 005Wrought iron railings will add a distinctive touch to a stairway inside or outside of your home. Our experts can work with you to help select custom components that will best suit your home, all while helping you stay within your budget. Wrought iron railings come in an array of designs and are perfect for achieving an elegant yet minimalist look. Basic styles of wrought iron railings include installed to code.

  • Hand railings are mounted directly onto a wall. They are useful anywhere additional support is needed or wanted.
  • Guard railings typically have a bar or baluster placed approximately every 4” from end to end to keep people and pets from falling off a porch or retaining wall. This includes pre cast and poured porches at your homes entrances or around raised patios.
  • Molding only railings are used when guard railings are not necessary. These do not contain bars or balusters, but legs to hold them in place. Molding only rails work well for sidewalks or any areas where you need or want additional support for the people using them.
  • Standard materials used are a 1 ¾” high crown molding with ½ x1/2” square solid balusters, 1×1/2×1/8” channel and 1×1” square solid or hollow post legs.