Commercial Railings

railings 012StyleCraft Ironworks can handle all of your needs for either light-weight commercial or heavy duty commercial/industrial applications in the iron railing industry. We work with the same contractors over and over again for a reason. Quality railings delivered in a timely and professional manner without fail. Our prices are always competitive and our no hassle no headache -our railings will be there when we say they will- policy, goes a long way. Many commercial properties require window guards for security purposes and we would be happy to help you with that as well. Railing sizes for commercial applications tend to be made of larger materials. Here are some the railing sizes/styles that we are regularly commissioned for.

  • For applications requiring a guard rail style railing, we use a 2 ¼” high crown molding top, solid 5/8” balusters, 1×1/2×1/8” channel and1¼ solid post legs.
  • Molding only railings come with the same 2 ¼ high crown molding top and 1 ¼ solid post leg, but do not have the vertical balusters for areas that do not require a guard rail. These railings are excellent for sidewalks or for deterring pedestrians from wandering into manicured areas.
  • Pipe railing is often used as an alternative to a high crown molding style. It has a more industrial appearance. We use schedule 40 .0666 OD pipe. We can manufacture this in a single or double runner with or without balusters.
  • Window guards are built to fit individual window size and can be utilitarian or decorative depending the use and style of the building.